The estimation process begins with the receipt of an invitation to bid, as well as, plans and specifications for a project. The estimators at Schmidt Electric Co., Inc. are well versed in the design and construction of a wide variety of project types. Each project is assigned to an individual estimator based on his strengths and experience. The estimator reviews the documents, creates a detailed cost estimate, and allows ample time for RFIs to be generated and answered. In addition to review of the electrical documents provided, the estimator reviews the total project design, construction documents, and schedules of the various trades to pinpoint any potential conflicts. Project details and potential conflicts discovered during this period are noted on the drawings for the project management team prior to the start of construction. This approach of providing the customer with cost, scheduling, and constructability concerns in a timely fashion helps eliminate costly delays during construction.

Budgeting Process:

Schmidt Electric Co., Inc.'s budgeting process provides clients with estimated electrical costs early in the design process. The budgeting process also ensures a more complete scope of work included under Division 26, and, ultimately, increases customer satisfaction by reducing unplanned scope of work changes. Typically, the budgeting process is a collective effort among the various construction participants (the owner, designers, construction team, and subcontractors); with this understanding, Schmidt Electric Co., Inc. remains fully committed to the budgeting process throughout the life of the project from the conceptual stage to the final design stages.

Pre-Construction Services:

The primary purpose of Schmidt Electric Co., Inc.'s pre-construction team is two-fold: to ensure that all project concerns have been resolved long before they impact construction, and to maximize value through efficient scheduling and material cost. The pre-construction Services department is comprised of personnel with a wide variety of experience in the electrical industry: former electrical contractors, electrical superintendants, journeyman electricians, and CAD designers. The variety of skills and experience allow the pre-construction services team to efficiently fulfill their primary mission.


Schmidt Electric Co., Inc. utilizes the latest Primavera scheduling software to take projected milestone dates and insert SEC's specific task durations, which include, but are not limited to: the installation of all light fixtures, switchgear, generators, and long lead items that may affect the project schedule. Schmidt Electric Co., Inc. also utilizes the NECA manpower planning software to plan the manpower required for each project and assure that the proper labor rates are applied.

Value Engineering:

Value Engineering solutions form an integral part of Schmidt Electric Co., Inc.'s pre-construction services repertoire. Schmidt Electric will examine a project and uncover the elements that offer the greatest opportunities for increasing value through component cost and/or schedule efficiencies. If desired, Schmidt Electric will also examine the potential for increases in component quality for the same value. Upon completion of the VE examination, the electrical recommendations and comparisons are offered to the client and/or general contractor for acceptance.