Schmidt Electric Co., Inc. understands that having a reliable prefabrication plan in place is crucial to effectiveness and productivity on the construction site. Schmidt Electric Co., Inc. has two warehouses totaling over 10,000 square feet, designed solely for the purpose of prefabrication and timely delivery of prefabricated materials to our jobsites. The pre-fabrication department has fifteen full-time electricians, helpers, and drivers each of whom are deticated to the manufacture and transport of quality prefab components. Schmidt Electric Co., Inc.'s pre-fabricated products typically include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Underground Conduit Stub-ups: For instance if there is an underground array of conduits to stub up, SEC will weld every 90 degree conduit in place to a metal rack, install all anticorrosive materials as specified and then ship the finished product out to the project as one piece ready to be installed to the existing conduit system in the ground.

  • Fixture whips: Instead of tying up the resources in the field, SEC has the project field management supply the prefabrication shop with a count of fixture that they anticipate needing fixture whips. This process includes cutting the flex to size, installing the correct amount of wire in each whip and installing connectors on both sides. The whips are palletized and shipped out to the site completely ready for installation.

  • Conduit Racks: SEC's prefabrication shop will pre-cut all unistrut, then loosely attach the all-thread rods; complete with specified washers, nuts, and/or other securing means and finally ship these mass produced conduit racks to the job site. By doing this, the electrician only has to attach the rack to structure instead of making all the cuts and assembling the racks.

  • Wall Rough In: After SEC determines the parameters of the ceiling height, and sheet rock thickness at a given project; the prefabrication shop will build each wall outlet assemblies that includes the junction box, equipped with a ground screw, mud ring, specified box support and conduit stub-ups offset at the top ready to accept a junction box above the ceiling. This method has been proven to be effective time after time again by saving countless hours of on the job labor. This process is used for both power receptacles and low voltage rough in requirements for Tele/Data and Fire Alarm back boxes.